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Former NFL offensive lineman and Teriyaki Grill founder, Mike Keim, along with his wife Tiffany have revolutionized the fast food world with fresh, healthy alternatives. Feed Your Inner Athlete today!


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Be sure to get some of our Famous Teriyaki Sauce! Find a location nearest you.


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Teriyaki Grill is the ultimate grilling experience. We offer a fresh, healthy menu that leaves you satisfied and happy!

Our menu features fresh, grilled chicken, steak and shrimp marinated in our special Teriyaki Sauce, then char-broiled and served hot off the grill with your choice of steamed rice or noodles. Your teriyaki rice bowl, salad or teriyaki noodle bowl is made fresh to order.

At Teriyaki Grill, our food is prepared fresh with the only the highest quality ingredients. Our famous Teriyaki Sauce, along with our marinades and dressings, are all made in house from our own special recipe. Only the freshest, highest quality cuts of boneless, skinless chicken and USDA sirloin steak are found on our grill!

Any of our menu items can be modified to fit your personal taste -- just ask! We also feature many fresh vegetarian meals to choose from.

At Teriyaki Grill, we're the most affordable, guilt free dining you'll ever experience. When you eat at Teriyaki Grill, you'll leave healthy and happy!